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Metro Water District (metrowater-tucson-az) should cease Unlawful Retaliation at customer expense. Metro Water bills can be lower without the added costs of Legal fees to cover (and cover-up) the Unlawful Retaliation at Tucson-Metro-Water-District.

Customers serviced by Metro Water’s District can pay untold amounts of legal fees, as Metro Water Dsitrict board fails to disclose the total cost of those wasted legal fees.  The Unlawful Retaliation continues, the effort to cover continues, the costs to cover continue, and the rate increases to cover the ongoing-malfeasance continues.  This situation leaves ratepayers in the unlawful-retaliation-rate-increase-cycle.  A cycle whereby costs continually escalate without explanation to the customer who has little to no idea so long as water arrives at the tap.

These unseen fees are fed by the monthly bill that Metro Water District ratepayers pay.  Bond debt may be incurred to shelter/conceal the fees in the form of Metro-Water-District’s “Fixed-Costs”.  MetroWaterDistrict has no right to pass these costs of unlawful behavior on to the public with every monthly water bill.



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